The Chapters of The Los Alamos Workbook

Introducing MegaMath

A Message from the authors of the MegaMath Workbook.

The Most Colorful Math of All

An introduction to the mathematics of map coloring.

Untangling the Mathematics of Knots

A hands-on exploration of the fundmental ideas of Knot Theory.

Games on Graphs

An introduction to Graph Theory through games that can be played on a table or on the playground.

Just a Usual Day at Unusual School

A dramatization that uses the tools of formal logic.

Algorithms and Ice Cream for All

A puzzle that pushes the limits of a computer's ability to solve problems.

Machines that Eat Your Words

An introduction to the concept of finite state machines, and how they are used to design computer systems that will recognize patterns.

Welcome to the Hotel Infinity

The chief builder of this amazing hotel invites you to explore the infinite.

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