Introducing MegaMath

Mathematics is a live science with new discoveries being made every day. The frontier of mathematics is an exciting place, where mathematicians experiment and play with creative and imaginative ideas. Many of these ideas are accessible to young children. Others (infinity is a good example) are ideas that have already piqued many children's curiosity, but their profound mathematical importance is not widely known or understood. The MegaMath project is intended to bring unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary school classrooms so that young people and their teachers can think about them together.

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MegaMath is the work of many people: classroom teachers, mathematicians, students in education and computer science, elementary school and high school students, school administrators, computer scientists, parents...

MegaMath was a project of the Computer Research and Applications Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Additional technical support for MegaMath comes from the Department of Computer Science at the Univeristy of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho.

October 2007: The MegaMath site has been hosted at Los Alamos National Laboratory since its beginning, but for roughly the last ten years, the project has been unfunded and the site unchanged. It is still being hosted as-is for the benefit of the internet community. Because so much time has passed, many of the links to people and places are no longer valid.

MegaMath Needs Collaborators!

MegaMath collaborators are far-flung geographically, located in both the United States and Canada, connected by the Internet. We are always looking for people who would like to join us in major and minor ways. We need...
Nancy Casey (

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